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syria strategy is weighing heavily on us all. >>> there needs to be international consequences. >> the entire region braces for a possible war. inkts tailored approaches. not getting into a long conflict. >> make the case to the american people. >> too little and it looks weak. too much and it could create more chaos. >> not a reputation -- >> public opinion was well and truly poisoned by the iraq episode, and we need to understand the public skepticism. >> there really hasn't been any indication from the administration to what our national interest is. >> there will be those who clamor now for having a voice? people need to think these things through. >> it's a bit of a -- >> >>> in just a couple hours secretary of defense hagel and secretary of state john kerry will be among those briefing members of congress about the situation in syria. as momentum towards a proposed attack shows signs of slowing. while u.n. inspectors spend a third days seeking evidence of chemical weapons used, u.n. security council members met this afternoon to deliberate once again. as for president oba
matters to us. >> i was not a fan of mr. assad. >> he's made mischief. >> you ought to be very careful about drawing lines in the sand. >> limited. tailored approaches, not a repetition of iraq. >> the british parliament does not want to see british military action. >> the ghost of tony blair and george w. bush and saddam hussein. >> we shust stop the terror. >> when you go to war, congress must authorize this. >> now watch this drive. >> both the president and the vice president before they became in power understood this. >> the president has to make a tough call, tough decision the president will make. >> the american people are tired of war. >> but fatigue does not absolve us of our responsibility. we begin with president obama's national security team moving forward with the syria plan. in an unusually hectic friday before labor day, today saw a flurry of conference calls and meetings on the crisis. if there are any doubts the u.s. will strike despite the fact that the president insists he's made no decision. this is president obama just a short time ago. >> we cannot accept a wor
♪ >> you tell us to have the power to forgive, the capacity to be reconciled. >> he gazed at the great wall of segregation and saw that the power of love could bring it down. >> he dreamed of an america where all citizens would sit together at the table of brotherhood. >> his words belong to the ages. possessing a power and prophecy unmatched in our time. >> good afternoon. i'm tamron hall. 50 years and nearly two generations and here we stand, a nation reflecting on one of the greatest moments in our history. and a guiding light for our future. the faces of those carrying the torch lit by dr. martin luther king jr. were back today, retraitsing the steps taken by a quarter million americans seeking equality and jobs. it's also today where the first african-american president, arguably the personification of dr. king's dream addressed the crowd in the shadow of greatness. dr. king's speech was incredibly just under 17 minutes long. 1651 words, he was only 34 years old. a speech delivered in a different age at the time carried by just a few networks without the power of the
internal republican caucus politics is the problem, and that's what the american people do not want us to worry about. i want to bring in our panel here. with us in new york is msnbc political analyst joan walsh, editor at large for, jonathan alter and in bethlehem, pennsylvania, professor james peterson of lehigh university. welcome to all of you. i want to go right to pete williams on the nsa. pete, you heard the president lay out four changes that he wanted to make, reforming section 215 with new safeguards, greater transparency and also the creation of some kind of new independent body. your reaction to the president on the surveillance issue. >> right. what the president said is that he's willing to look at the issue of having an adversary before the foreign intelligence surveillance corps, one of the criticisms of it is that the only people who ever appear before these judges in secret are the government. nobody's there to argue against or say the government doesn't need this and shouldn't have it. the president has said he's willing to look at an adversary to represent
instructs its forces to use live ammunition against protesters. ♪ >> the numbers out of egypt are staggering. >> what looks to be a massacre. >> the united states strongly condemns the steps taken by egypt's interim government. >> what type of action can we expect from our leadership? >> we are canceling our biannual joint military exercise. >> probably the least symbolically important gesture. >> there's a tendency to assume that the united states is reason behind the curtain. >> joint exercises, kind of kabuki theater. >> the other part of this is what the president said. >> no mention of u.s. aid to egypt. >> military aid is the best stick we have. >> mohamed morsi was elected president in a democratic election. >> mohamed morsi is less the issue than the future of the brotherhood. >> these protests marches seem to be growing. >> now the president has to send secretary kerry to cairo. >> america cannot determine the future of egypt. that's a task for egyptian people ♪ there must be some kind of way out of here said the joker to the thief ♪ ♪ there's too much confusion >> good aftern
strikes. >> four u.s. navy destroyers and two submarines. >> the crisis has outpaced the world's response. >> what we saw in syria should shock the conscience of the world. >> we are supposed to be outraged by anyone using chemical weapons. >> they're trying to come up with an objective that punishes assad. >> if the syrians had oil, we would have been in there. >> how do we reconcile not wanting to get into this war. >> these people don't want american troops and for this to become another iraq. >> smash ath face of bashir assad. >> the president continues to work with his national security team when he has made a decision and has announcement to make, he'll make it. >> we begin with mounting signs is of impending u.s. military action against syria with senior officials telling nbc news strikes could be launched as soon as thursday. secretary of state john kerry ratcheted up the rhetoric yesterday saying evidence of a large scale chemical weapons attack is undeniable and there's little doubt assad's regime is culpable. today chuck hagel said the world's most powerful military is ready to
thank you citi book for proving not only me but so many other wrong but reminding us of what we have in common. at the end of the day we're all riding the same bi-cycle. >>> joy reid is in today for martin bashir. >> well played, abby. >>> good afternoon. it's thursday, august 22nd, and the president is talking middle-class 101. ♪ >>> it is good to be back in buffalo, good to be back in new york. i've been out there talking about what we need to do as a country to make sure we've got a better bargain for the middle class. it's a struggle for a lot of folks. reversing this trend is my highest priority. i've got to say it's not always washington's priority. a good job with good wages, a good education, a home of your own, cornerstones of what it means to be middle class. what's become a barrier, the soaring cost of higher education. this country is only as strong as our next generation. if you work hard, study hard, and are responsible, here in america, you can make it if you try. >>> even as this pecks increasingly crucial to get into the middle class, the cost of a college edu
. and as the situation in egypt grows more volatile, what's a u.s. administration to do? ♪ they're calling it friday of ra rage. >> egyptian security forces official little authorized the use of live fire. >> every time there's a moment of opportunity, it seems to be squandered. >> the government is trying to justify all the violence and death. >> i'm here to restore legitimacy. >> we will continue going to the streets peacefully until they kill us all. >> a coup is a coup. >> shoulded president suspend all usa aid. >> which he would be required to do if he called it a coup. >> if we withdraw the aid, we could lose the relationships developed over decades. >> it sends a message. >> we have to look at what has been happening over the last ten years. >> after afghanistan and iraq, you have a president who is saying i'm not going to be so fast. >> it's not up to the united states to determine the future path for egypt. >> that's a task for the egyptian people. ♪ >> i'm joy reid in for martin bashir. one day after president obama condemned the violence on streets of egypt, not much has changed. callin
to stop it expletely, unless you let us do this sandwich. we have -- in the actual vote, lost to -- lost in the supreme court. it's not going to work. i would say, to their credit, one thing we end up doing is focusing a lot on of folks like ted cruz or freedomworks which are the oppositional sect here, but i think you're seeing a larger amount of the republican establishment kind of take a deep breath, sigh and move on a little. you get the occasional vote on the house floor, which is meaningless, and allows them to go back home and say they're doing something. what you've seen with cruz and others is a real absence of support from mainstream republicans for this kind of strategy. >> but you still see mitch mcconnell and john boehner caught between responsible republicans, who think this is a bad idea and their tea party base. they won't take on this issue, and mitch mcconnell, who is up against a tea party primary challenger in kentucky, is going to i think get caught in the middle here. >> the issue, too, is the geriatrics that listen to fox and limbaugh, they have insurance. by far t
, i don't care. >> 60 votes in the u.s. senate. we only had 12 votes. w why. >> that's the question that could be asked 40 times over. when republicans are not fending off calls to shut down the government. some who would defend the law came face-to-face with those who need it most. >> i'm 63, my wife is 63, and without obama care, we would have no health insurance. why do i not have a moral right and access to health care if you want to defund ointo mania care which is by law and policy going to save billions over the next ten years? >> look out, there's an educationed voters. >> is the man lead -- says he does -- ending discrimination on the basis of preexisting conditions, though he's voted repeatedly with his colleagues against the president's health care law. i want to go right to the white house and nbc's kristin welker. kristin, we've been talking about the tensions around the health care law, particularly in constituencies, but of course there's no shortage of tensions at the moment between the white house and the kremlin. so can you give you the latest on that? >> reporter:
are dead. >> this is something we've been worrying about. >> the united states condemns the use of violence against protesters in egypt. >> it was predictable but wasn't predicted unfortunately in washington. >> we very called on the military and security forces to show restraint. >> now you have this massive crackdown. >> the world is watching what is happening in cairo. >> this one looks like it is about to get very ugly. >> we begin with flash point egypt and cairo descending into deadly blood shed and chaos after security forces moved into to clear camped occupied by supports of ousted president morsi. a nighttime curfew is now in effect along with a one-month declaration of emergency and with it a return to emergency law. egyptian health officials report hundreds killed, thousands wounded. at a white house briefing from martha's vineyard, deputy spokesman josh ernest called for restraint and con demtd the violence. >> the united states strongly condemns the use of violence against protesters in egypt. violence will make it more difficult to move egypt forward on a path to lasting stabi
republicans in the u.s. senate, or 218 republicans in the u.s. house, we can defund obama care. heritage action, the political branch of the same heritage foundation which invented the individual health care mandate in the 1990s and which is promoting the tour kicked things off last night in fayetteville, arkansas with seven more cities to go after dallas. unfortunately, the tour has already played with mishaps, chiefly not every republican thinks the fight to defund obama care is worth a government shutdown. take ron johnson from the swing state of wisconsin, for instance. heritage action ranked him its fifth most conservative senator and yet, he said last week that he opposes the effort. meanwhile, johnson's fellow wisconsin and a possible 2016 hopeful for the republicans governor scott walker sounds ready to move past the latest defund obama care fight. >> do you make the point as senator jim demint says or do you stay away from shutdowns. >> i think shutdowns are not a good move at all. think most americans are center right and want limited government but they want a government that
have been criticizing photo i.d. are using scare tactics. they're more interested in divisive politics than ensuring that no one's vote is disenfranchised by a fraud leapt ballot. >> yes, those famous fraudulent ballots, never mind among the nearly 7 million ballots cast in north carolina last year, there were only 121 cases of potential voter fraud, less than 100th of 1%. as mrs. clinton said, it's a phantom epidemic but one that's harva hardly limited to a sickle state. the aclu will sue kansas over a similar voter i.d. measure and so continues a state by state fight for the right to vote. joining us now is msnbc contributor joy reid who is managing editor of the and in tallahassee, philip agnew, executive director of the dream defenders. thank you so much for joining us, both of you. joy, we know that 70% of black voters who cast ballots in 2012 voted early. in north carolina, that's in 2012, african-americans made up 29% of early voters. 41% of those who used same day registration and 34% of those without state issue i.d. of course, these facts have nothing whatsoever to d
this weekend on into wednesday. as a veteran of that movement, can you give us a big picture where we are 50 years on? >> well, we're on -- i would say about halfway to dr. king's dream if that far. but what he dreamed about hasn't been realized yet. the poll in the "new york times" today shows enormous gasp what white and black people feel about racial progress. it strikes us as a country struggling hard to do the right thing but not succeeding so far. >> what do you guess is behind that disparity between the way white americans and many black americans feel about the progress in race relations given the fact that we do have our first african-american president elected with substantial shares of the white vote? >> it's so elusive white people tend not to know other people who are black and black people don't know that many black people themselves. it's as if we are living in two different worlds and we don't really know how to judge the people over there who look like this. and everything seems to be fine. we do have a black president. isn't that the great news. therefore it must be a wonde
on crime to smart on crime, two steps taken hopefully there's more to come. that does it for us. now let's take a step toward martin bashir. >> thank you, toure. here here. it's monday, august 12th. and amid flights of presidential fancy in iowa, the cold reality of a criminal justice system badly in need of reform. >> i have a lot of the faith still in the people of iowa. >> that moment when we all get to say, madame president to hillary rodham clinton. >> we used to be the king and the queen all put together. now we're a laughing stock. >> republicans have determined their holy grail. their number one priority. they don't want it see these folks get health care. >> that is a belate isn't lie. >> a young charismatic leader rose up. >> appeal every single word of obama care. >> talking about hope, and change. >> i'm not sure where he was born. >> he was definitely born in. >> you'll have to ask him that question. >> his name was fidel castro. >> you go back to the original greek. politics had two parts, poly meaning many and tics meaning blood sucking parasites. that firly will
nothing congress. it is absolutely pathetic. >> polls show us 25 points behind cockroaches in popularity. we're just slightly ahead of genghis kahn and the communist party. >> no, don't despair and at least democrats in congress have almost one-third support of the american public, better than congressional republicans backed by a bare bones 19%. that would be congressional spous and their dry cleaners but republicans clearly feel this contempt is misplaced. what about the irs and its role in implementing the affordable care act? >> the irs is already out of control. abusing its power to tax and audit the activities of honest, hard-working americans. >> taxing and auditing, how dare they? now, i'm sure that irs bashing will be a favorite topic at town hall meetings during the congressional recess. the conservative heritage foundation has scheduled town halls in nine states later this month starring superstar guest, senator ted cruz. republican members of congress are holding at least nine more. let's face it, we all know how much fun those are, don't we? >> what i need from you is to kno
multiracial nation, as long as you use people of color as a tool to scare up votes, you remain irrelevant. that does it for "the cycle." joy reid is back for martin. >> good afternoon. i'm joy reid. it's monday is, august 26th. and syria is officially on notice. ♪ >> major foreign policy. >> the obama administration is stepping up plans for military action. >> it has little doubt the syrian army used chemical gas on its own people. >> this is clearly a big event of grave concern. >> it's less a question of if than when. >> president obama has asked the defense department to prepare options. >> nobody wants boots on the ground. >> that doesn't mean he sits back and says we can't do anything. >> lawmakers on capitol hill increasingly urging the obama administration to take action. >> we have to move and have to move quickly. >> can't can be unilateral american approach. >> i do think action is going to occur. >> will it be big enough or a symbolic attack? >> i think we can change things immediately just because we're america. that's not necessarily the case. >> president pulled troops out
to hillary rodham clinton. >> we used to be the king and the queen all put together. now we're a laughing stock. >> republicans have determined their holy grail. their number one priority. they don't want it see these folks get health care. >> that is a belate isn't lie. >> a young charismatic leader rose up. >> appeal every single word of obama care. >> talking about hope, and change. >> i'm not sure where he was born. >> he was definitely born in. >> you'll have to ask him that question. >> his name was fidel castro. >> you go back to the original greek. politics had two parts, poly meaning many and tics meaning blood sucking parasites. that firly will describes the state of affairs in washington today. >> welcome back from a wild weekend income iowa full of sound and fury, signifying perhaps the way too early start of the 2016 presidential race. yes, the iowa caucuses are still more than 28 months away. but that isn't stopping those with an eye on the oval office descending on the hawkeye state. from the weekend social conservative summit to next month's steak fril featuring vice presi
third baseman alex rodriguez is one of 13 major league players suspended today for using performance-enhancing drugs. rodriguez was handed a 211-game suspension but he will be eligible to play pending an appeal. and we'll have much more on that ahead, including reaction from new york mayoral candidate bill de blasio. we begin with a high stakes week outside the capitol with congress in recess and the president bringing his road game across the nation. continuing his series of economic speeches, the president he will he talk housing and the country's economic recovery in phoenix at this time exactly tomorrow. and just this afternoon, white house spokesman jay carney offered a preview highlighting the importance of the housing sector. >> strengthening of the housing market is of vital importance to the strengthening of the middle class. and that's why the president has chosen to focus on housing at one of the cornerstones of his economic agenda. >> but as for the agenda of the gop if they are following orders, house republicans will be fanning outs in their districts ramping up aggress
of the suspects is different. the types of guns used. the common denamnater are young people are access to guns. where does a 20-year-old get an ak-47. >> no, we can't get away from the that fact, joy. and getting an ak-47 is not as hard as it ought to be. we don't know the how this fellow got ahold of his. but in recent years, we have had more of a proliferation of guns and more ease of access rather than tightening things up. even the assault weapons ban was repealed. we've had a very difficult time trying to get new reforms imposed whether it's background collection or assault weapons ban. obviously the insanity involved in these two cases shows background checks and tougher access are what we need. >> brian, you wrote an incredible piece where you detailed your own shooting at the hands of young men who would fit the profile of people that would be stop and frisk, for instance, in new york. you wrote anyone whose instinct is to crouch defensively and treat felon resembles their attackers like criminals i'm living proof there's another way. you made an analogy to canadiens and hockey saying
are going to work together, all of us, to stop these crimes of sexual assault and uphold the honor and the integrity that defines the finest military on earth. and that message is coming all the way from the top. keeping our military strong means keeping our military family strong. michelle and vice president -- the joe biden's wife, dr. joe biden, they made this their mission. and because of their efforts, joining forces, more americans are stepping up to support your families. and that includes more companies hiring our talented military spouses. after everything you've done for america, every american ought to be doing something to support your families. as this time of war ends, some of you will be taking off the uniform and returning to civilian life. and just as we gave you the tools to succeed on the battlefield, i want to make sure we're giving you the tools to succeed in the next stage of your lives as well. so we've improved transition assistance to help you find the job that's worthy of your skills. we're helping you and your families pursue your education under the post
fire. >> for us to sit by and watch this happen is a violation of everything that we stood for. >> the administration is not signaling any major shift in policy. >> we're going to have a bill in egypt and have to sus. end our aid. >> it shows nothing but american weakness. >> i don't knowian senator paul is so out of wac about this. >> this all started with him say wiig don't have room for libertarian republicans. the party's big enough for both of us. >> stop, question frisk have made new york city the safest big city. >> stop and frick is abandoned will, people die? >> no question, violent crime will go up. violence is happening disproportionately enough of minority communities. >> it's a slippery slope. >> like burning down the house to rid it of mice. ♪ we open a new week with the president back in d.c. after a family vacation on martha's vineyard facing questions how his administration will handle two vital concerns to the nation. internationally, there's still a question of how america should respond to the violence against protesters in egypt as well as reports that th
that i think all of us believe in, but right now, we're not delivering as much as we should on those promises. now, last tuesday, i went to tennessee to talk about the first cornerstone, which is how do we make sure that we're creating good middle class jobs here in the united states of america. today, i've come to phoenix to talk about the second component, which is the most tangible cornerstone that lies at the heart of the american dream, at the heart of middle class life. and that's the chance to own your own home. the chance to own your own home. you got a lot of young people here, you know, who are thinking about college. they're going to get a higher education. they're going to find a job, find somebody they love. they're going to want to own a home. the reason they will is because a home is the ultimate evidence that here in america, hard work pays off. that responsibility is rewarding. you know, i think about my grandparents' generation. when my grandfather served in world war ii, he fought in patten's army. when he got back, this country gave him a chance to go to college o
Search Results 0 to 31 of about 32 (some duplicates have been removed)